Our Production Process


Templates are the full size patterns which are made on the jobsite which will be the guides for the fabrication of your tops. All design decisions should be resolved at the jobsite during the templating. Therefore anyone who is to have a say in the design such as the Customer, Interior Designer, Architect, Contractor, etc, should be present at the templating at the beginning of the session and plan to stay until they are completed. Once again please use the same degree of scrutiny when reviewing the templates as you would your finished counter tops. Please do not sign off on templates or work orders until you have a clear understanding of what they represent. Remember your decisions are written in stone. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. The average lead time for templating is about a week.

Wood templates vs. Electronic templates (e-templates)

We use State of the art electronic templates. The accuracy is to the hundredth of an inch. This electronic template is engineered and goes directly to a computerized cutting machine to ensure a precision touch to your dream kitchen.

CAD OeratorCAD Oerator

Wood templates are wood strips assembled by hand, and hot glued together. The finished template is then transferred to the product by drawing around the pieces of wood with a marker. The material is then cut by hand, using this marker line as a guide. This multi stage process is clumsy and prone to cumulative errors.

CAD OeratorCAD Oerator

We believe the accuracy of a electronic template is well worth the 30,000.00 plus investment to ensure that your counter top fits like a glove.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
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