Our Production Process

Layout & Fabrication

Upon a customers request we will set up a layout session in our shop so that the customer can approve the placement of the templates on the stone prior to fabrication. This service is usually limited to customers who are using stone with a lot of movement, shading, or variation.

Once the design and layouts are approved the job moves into the fabrication stage. Fabrication in our shop is a combination of state of the art machining and traditional hand work. We believe that quality standards and aesthetics dictate the methods to be used. Although our industry is constantly being bombarded by advances in technology We consider machines a tool, not a replacement for a skilled craftsman. We take pride in fact that no employee in our company has ever lost their job to a machine.

We do not use chemical enhancers or waxes to obtain a polish on our edges. Our polish is achieved by the use of graduated abrasives therefore the polish will not start to fade shortly after your tops are installed.

We use three types of reinforcing rods when required. A ½ inch wide by 1/8” thick stainless steel flat bar for reinforcing 3cm thick stock. A ¼ inch by 1/8” thick cold rolled steel bar for 2cm stock, and a 3/8” by 1/8” thick fiber glass rod for radius & specialty work. All our counter tops are under smoothed three to four inches in so that when you run your hand on the bottom it is smooth to the touch.

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
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