Frequently Asked Questions
I'm familiar with Corian®, but what other products are available?
Corian® is just one of many solid surface materials available. While Corian® is the premier brand, Avonite®, Fountainhead®, Surell®, and Gibraltar® are also good quality products.

What are the main differences between the various solid surface products?
The most obvious difference is product selection. Each solid surface manufacturer offers it's own line of colors and integral sink bowls. As the market leader, Corian® tends to be priced slightly higher than the other products, but offers a more comprehensive warranty.
Fabrication and installation costs for the various products are identical and the range of possible product applications is very similar.

Are solid surface products heat resistant?
Yes. To a point. While very high and direct heat will damage most solid surface products, solid surface materials do not burn or combust. If your counter is damaged by excessive heat, in most cases it can be repaired.
To prevent heat damage, always use a hot pad or trivet with rubber feet. Hot pots, as well as some heat-generating appliances like frying pans and crockpots, can damage the surface if some protective means is not used.

What finishes are available for solid surface products?
All products are a available in a matte or polished finish. While some colors and textures look better polished and others in matte, call or visit our showroom to discuss which finish is most appropriate for your specific application. Please note, a polished finish costs slightly more due to a labor intensive finishing process during fabrication.

How do I get color samples of solid surfaces products?
Please check the Products page to reference any of the extensive line of Corian® colors. For actual color samples of any solid surface product listed on this site, please visit our showroom.

Is solid surface better than granite?
Solid surface and granite are both mid to high-end countertop materials. Typically, individuals interested in a specific "look" that is only available in a natural stone will not necessarily be happy with a compromise. However, solid surface materials offer numerous advantages to natural stone in terms of quality, design, care and maintenance, and cost.

How does the price of granite and solid surface compare?
A standard counter typically costs substantially less in solid surface material. However, with numerous upgrades, a well-crafted solid surface counter costs about the same as a well-crafted granite counter.

What kind of sink can I use with a solid surface counter?
Any kind you like. At the high-end in terms of quality and price, you can use a seamed-in solid surface sink that is covered by the same warranty as the countertop material.
In the mid range, is a high-quality stainless steel or cast iron undercount sink.
On the low-end, is a good quality stainless steel or cast iron top mount sink.

Are all warranties the same?
No. Corian® is covered by the most comprehensive warranty. However, all the solid surface materials mentioned throughout this site offer similar warranties. Warranties are typically not available for granite or other surfacing materials.
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